Music Videos

The Flavour of words

I was working on this T.V shows "Ordbragd" means "words og flavour" and the topic is the Icelandic languages. Any way the show got a famous Icelandic rapper Arnar from the band "Ulfur Ulfur" to do a rap song on the Icelandic alphabet. The director Konrad Palmasson came in with loads of material one day and throw it in my ...

The End – music video 2010

This music video was memorable because I shot this on film with a Bolex camera back in 2010, which is an old camera that run with out batteries. In stead the are cranked up with a build spring system that can last up to minute og exposure. It was tricky to make the visuals sync up with the song. My friend and a great VFX ...

The End “Howling Trout”