Secret trailer 2015 is out

Secret is my third short film made with support from Icelandic Film Centre. This film will be available online in few months. The story is very simple and about how small things can escalate and go out of control if you can’t tell the truth. Stefán lives with his demanding mother, Hólmfrídur. He has a big secret – he has found the love of his life and he is ready to propose to her. But Hólmfrídur finds the engagement ring and Stefán is forced to choose between revealing his secret or losing his loved one. Hope you will enjoy the trailer until the real deal happens. Produced by Northern Vision ehf and Kukl ehf Iceland. Supported by Icelandic Film Fund.

Hilmar Guðjónsson
Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir
Monika Ewa Orlowska

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